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Decadron (Dexamethasone)

Decadron is a trade name for the drug name dexamethasone which is used in treating adrenal gland function related diseases.
Batch Expiry Date: November 2019
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Decadron 0.5 mg (Low Dosage)

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Decadron may be prescribed if you are found to be having decreased adrenal gland function. It might also be reffered to you if you are found to have severe inflammation due to certain conditions like severe asthma,severe allergies,rheumatoid arthritis,ulcerative colitis,certain blood disorders,lupus,multiple sclerosis and certain eye and skin conditions.
However, your doctor may also prescribe Decadron for other conditions if found appropriate.

How to use Decadron

The ideal way to use Decadron is to follow the instructions of your doctor. An alternative way is to check the medicine label for dosage instructions.

Decadron should/may be taken with or without a meal to avoid stomach problems.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Decadron is a corticosteroid. Its mode of working is by making the tissues less sensitive and thus decreasing or preventing those tissues from responding to inflammation. It is also found to be modifying the body’s response to certain immune stimulation

Missed Dose

It is important that you maintain a strict schedule for taking Decadron to ensure that you do not miss any doses. But if you do, then you may take it as soon as you remember provided that you space out the next dosage accordingly.

On the other hand, if it is almost time for the next dose, then omit this dose and continue with your normal dosage schedule.
Never consume two doses to compensate for a missed dosage.


Store Decadron between 68 to 77 degrees F (20 to 25 Degrees), at room temperature. Ensure that you protect it from direct exposure to heat/moisture/light and from the reach of children and pets.

Consult your doctor before using Decadron if you have conditions like, systemic fungal infection.
Do not use Decadron if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in it (read medicine label if unsure).
Decadron is severly restricted if you are taking mifepristone.
Any above situations would be unlikely to occur if you consult your doctor prior to its use.

Decadron has a tendency to decrease the body ‘ s ability to fight infections. Hence an avoidance of contact with people having underlying active infections ,cold and chills is always suggested.
If any sort of rash,cold of infection related signs are noted,pls consult your doctor as soon as possible.
If you are pregnant or have plans for a pregnancy, then consult your doctor before using Decadron as Decadron may harm your fetus.

If you are breast feeding then please maintain caution as it is unknown whether Decadron is passed into the breast milk. So please consult your doctor prior to using it.

Decadron can interact with certain medicines. So, you must inform your doctor if you are taking

Decadron may affect your blood sugar level so please monitor your blood sugar under the supervision of your doctor.

You must inform your doctor or your dentist about Decadron before you undergo treatment or any emergency surgery.

Please maintain caution while using Decadron in children below years of age/elderly patients as the safety as well as effectiveness of Decadron in these patients are yet to be ascertained.
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